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Today can be a good day

I have no clients.  No boyfriends.  No lovers.  I am alone, almost alone, in my house with a dog and the sun trying to shine in through the windows.  Trying to shine through the clouds, into the windows.  There is blue sky up above me, and grey clouds in ever direction, and it’s beautiful, but there is such a strange energy to the weather.  

I have not been having a very good day, but I know that I can pull myself out of this rut and I know that it will feel so much better once I do.  So here’s my plan:

Treadmill, swim, shower.  Go buy a dildo, considering which type, I’ve heard wonders about glass and I’ve never used one of those before, but I will most likely end up with a good old classic, maybe in purple.  

This horrible day is going to be great!  I’m going to say “fuck you world” and burn off some energy and get my heart going, jump in a nice cool pool where my body work extra hard so that I can clear my head. Then I’m going to fuck myself.  Because I want to.  And really, because I need to.  

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