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Why is this illegal?

It’s so strange to me that someone can dictate what sort of sex is legal and what sort of sex is illegal. The fact that sodomy is illegal, or ever was, is so strange to me. The fact that sex work is illegal is an absurd overstep of the law into our private lives, just as making anal sex illegal is.

I don’t car about excuses. I don’t want to hear reasons. They are all equally absurd.

Telling men they can’t have sex with men, and telling women that they are just confused if they want to have Alex with women, is sick. It’s the kind of sick that these people are trying to say we are, except we are actually happy. We are happy and we are doing it right. I don’t mean that every day my life is joyful all of every moment. What I mean is I am happy with my sexuality. I am happy that I haven’t suppressed my sexuality like the people telling me I should are probably doing to themselves. Even if they do have a lot of kink in their lives and are just hypocrites, they still don’t have the happiness that I get because I don’t feel guilty about it and I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s healthy. In fact, I think the proof that it’s healthy is that it’s good for us and it’s healthy.

So why is it illegal? Why is it that someone is telling me that I cannot have sex with someone who wants to pay me? And on top of that, in certain counties, I’d be doubly breaking the law if I had anal sex for money. And why is this so?

It’s sad to think this but I must say its come across my mind that these people are miserable because they are trained to hate sex, and they feel a jealousy when they see other people enjoying sex, so they want to crush that since they cannot do that themselves. I think there are many more complex issues of course, but this actually seems to be a very common one.

I’m sorry but I simply won’t feel bad about having sex. Not any kind of sex. Not any kind of sexual activity. So please stop making laws about how I can use and enjoy my own body.

One comment on “Why is this illegal?

  1. barriorojoblog
    January 31, 2013

    Well, you’re talking about two different but connected discriminations. First one is the social. We live in societies with still very deep religious feelings (I’m spanish, but this is applied to all the world) in which sex is considered a taboo. Not to mention if it’s promiscuous and retributed sex. Many people is mentally blocked, can’t stand that other people live their sexuality in a different way. The intolerance is the explanation to one of our problems, the social stigma. But it’s not the only one, not even the worst.

    You are also mentioning the legal status of prostitution, and this is what really worries me: the institutionalized discrimination. Why the public powers are so interested in preserve the alegal (in Spain) or illegal (as in the USA) status of sex work? I find hard to understand just by “moral” causes. A legalized prostitution would mean taxes, that -if u don’t know- is what most like european politicians. They are taking a many impopular politics like raising taxation, reduce social services or frozen salary of public employees. All this must be very moral, because they prefer to do it instead of legalice prostitution. Really?

    Nah, in my opinion their words of dignity, equality or protection of women are just crap. They just want to hide their authentic motivation that is purely economic. A law could mean a barrier to protect us against them, would bring obligations but also RIGHTS and that is what our politicians don’t want to recognice us. If prostitution would be like any business, money from it would be under fiscalization. As it is now, all is “black money”, not controlled at all BUT that is extracted from prostitutes via extortions. This is perfect (for them) to pay corrupt policemen and finance political parties (recently in Spain have been known several cases of illegal financiation of ALL main parties, including the one in government). They just use the morals to cover their inmorality.

    Greetings for your superb blog, if you don’t mind I’d like to translate and publish this post on my own blog. I liked it a lot.

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