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I was remembering today how much I love photography.  I love the composition, the timing, and the developing.  My neighbor had a really nice camera I think I’m going to buy from her if she still has it.  I love doing black and white with film, but not with digital.  It’s something about developing it myself that makes it more fun, but when you have someone else do it you can’t make it how you want it, which to me is more important with black and white.  

My favorite photography was nude or semi nude body shots.  I love the human body.  Male, female, intersex, other.  I love everyone’s bodies.  I don’t do nature photography.  Ok I lie.  I’ve taken my share of tree and flower pictures, but they don’t interest me outside of reminding me of a place I’ve been or something I thought was personally beautiful.  I wouldn’t want to show other people because I think it’s boring.  I love nature in the real life, and nothing compared, but for some reason skin can be captured on film amazingly.  The way you can stretch and bend skin.  I love faves.  Humans fascinate me, and you can read so much or so little in photos.

Sometimes I like a photo that is a lie.  Someone dressed up as they truly aren’t, or maybe dressed up as you would never see them normally.  Sometimes I like the truth.  Honest photography, blood, pain, something that makes me cry.  But I love the whole process.  I love doing it.  I want to do that again. 

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