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Writing about sexual assault, and for my own safety…

I like that I can post personal stories here because I can go into detail with writing, much better than I can in words.  I would never be able to tell most people the things I say here and I haven’t yet told anyone, in detail, about being raped.  Most of my friends know about a rape or two, but they don’t know the details.  I need to get these things out into the open but I can only do this in this format, the blog format where I’m not directly talking to someone I know.

I will post some rape stuff which is really important for me to get out, but I will also post some recovery stuff, it just probably won’t be at the same time.  

Eventually I would like to post the things that I do now to help myself and work with others who have gone through rape or other sexual abuse issues.  I can’t post everything in detail because I have a very scary man who is after me and if he were to stumble across something on the internet and figure out that some of these stories might be me, I believe he would figure out a way to come after me and harm me.  So until he is in prison, or safely never going to show up again, I will probably be vague about certain things like locations.  I think the importance of location is that it would help people connect to my situation and possibly to realize that their communities are like mine, or if they aren’t like mine just to give context.  So this is a sacrifice I make for my own safety.  I do hope in the future I can give locations, it would be a relief and I think for some people it would be revealing.  

One comment on “Writing about sexual assault, and for my own safety…

  1. Your safety must come before everything else, and hopefully you will one day feel safe enough again to not have to fear violence, and can tell your story fully.

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