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Man seems to be an animal whose capacity for lies is only equalled by his credulity; it does no good to let battalions of cats out of bags, to produce whole harems of naked facts, people eat the same three meals daily deception, and are always ready to turn with fury upon the purveyors of bagless cats and facts undraped.  –  John Dos Passos

Die WallenFor some time now, anti-sex politicians have been working to undermine the Netherlands’ legendary tolerance of sex work.  Using the “trafficking” hysteria as an excuse and branding almost any male who has a relationship with a sex worker a “pimp”, these stealth-prohibitionists have made it much more difficult to get a brothel license, and in 2006 tried to revoke the licenses of 30 established brothels.  In September of 2007 the city closed more than a third of the famous windows (by buying the buildings)…

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  1. Editor
    March 23, 2013

    Reblogged this on Harlots Parlour and commented:
    Thanks to Maggie for explaining what was happening in Amsterdam. I had seen reference to the disgraced advisor in the papers, but did not the know the ramifications. I see how the Irish politicians take a similar view, accepting the stories from ‘sex workers’ put up by prohibionists and ignoring real active sex workers. Now we have politicians in Ireland who have implied that these pro sexwork sex workers must have been put there by pimps.

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