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The Religious Anti-Trafficking Movement in Northern Ireland

Harlots Parlour

An excellent article by our new author SexworkIE.

No More Traffik (NMT) SEE HERE
is a week of anti-trafficking events taking place in Northern Ireland. It starts next Saturday, 11th May, and this is its second year running. As Northern Irish anti-trafficking groups and individuals are getting exited I instead find myself concerned by developments here.

Whilst the organisers say NMT is not a Christian charity, a prayer room is being provided for the week and many of the events, sponsors, partners and individuals involved are clearly religious.

NMT is fundraising for their work and when I looked at their website a few days ago I noticed they are also fundraising for an organisation called Solas Trust SEE HERE

Solas Trust’s mission is to provide residential care, refuge, restoration and rehabilitation for women and young girls who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation and/or prostitution and NMT is fundraising…

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