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Survivor secrets: sexually responding to the abuse

Trigger warning. I think this is an incredibly important piece but be aware that it contains abuse and abuse towards children.

Speaking When the World Sleeps

To write this post I’m going to have to be blunt. More blunt than I ever have; it doesn’t work to write in vague words or suggestions. My brain is telling me this is a thing that shouldn’t be public, this is too personal, too graphic; societal standards of decency would say to keep this quiet. But I am a survivor, and I’ve fucking earned the right to talk about what happened to me. This is potentially more triggering than normal.

I think the thing that might be the most damaging about our beliefs in childhood innocence is that we survivors of child sexual abuse grow up knowing intimately what sex does to a child’s body and how a child’s body responds to it, and yet nobody talks about it and nobody thinks it’s real. We grow up thinking we are the freaks, we are the sick and twisted ones…

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