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Who’s sexist?

I’ve read a few posts and articles and tweets lately from people defending themselves saying that they are not sexist, then the person goes on to explain and explain and then say something sexist.  I wonder what this is about?  Obviously if people are denying that they are sexist they know that it’s wrong to be sexist.

I’m just wondering why people don’t address the actual issues.  How can these people be so blind to their sexist that they can literally go from one sentence to the next and make a horrible misogynist remark and not even see it?  Is this because people don’t even know what sexism is?  Maybe it’s just something not to be.

Telling women they should live a certain way because they are women, is sexist.  Victim blaming, is sexist.  Talking about women like they can’t make their own decisions, is sexist.  Telling women how they feel (or are supposed to feel), is sexist.  Telling women they should cheer up, or be happy, or get over things, or saying they are “so emotional” or telling them to calm down.  All of those things are sexist.  Telling a woman she’s not a woman.  That is sexist.

One comment on “Who’s sexist?

  1. lovetimesinfinity
    June 2, 2013

    It’s like saying “no offense…” before saying something offensive. They know they’re SAYING something sexist (I hope/think), but don’t want to be called a sexist for saying it. Sigh.

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