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If you tell me I can’t do my job, you can’t complain that I’m on welfare

If I have to take food stamps and welfare because there is no work that I can do here, than don’t complain about it because you told me that I wasn’t allowed to do the job I was doing that made enough money to take care of my household.

If you want me to go take two jobs that I can’t actually do anyway because I don’t have the resources to find childcare and transportation, than fuck you. That would kill me. Doing jobs I hate, because you hate my job. And doing jobs that I can’t survive doing unless I work double full time? Why is that better than what I do now? Why should I have to suffer because of your moral issues? They aren’t my issues. Why does the church and religion have so much power over what I am allowed to do if we live in a country where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state?

Is there any reason sex work should be illegal if separate from religion? If so I don’t see it. I see nothing but religion running my life and making my life harder and I am not religious. I do not like that religion can have an effect on my life when it isn’t even legally supposed to intrude on my personal decisions.

I believe fully in the separation of church and state. I believe that we should actually enact this. Not just preach it. No one has the right to make laws about women’s bodies. No one has the right to tell people who they can’t marry. Not in this country, not in any country. I don’t give a fuck what country you are in, we are allowed to be loving and kind and not have the fucking world oppress it. Love should never being illegal. Sex should not be illegal. I should not be illegal.

If you push me on welfare because of your god, you have no right to complain when I take it. I believe welfare is here for people who need it, and I am being forced to need it by religious dictators. And then they call me a welfare queen? Then they say I’m given too much? Then they tell me I’m a drug addict, whore, whatever they deem negative. They tell me I can’t do my job but then they won’t give me enough to live on, and then tell me I’m a moocher for taking government money, and drug test me because I am their property now. They tell me I have to make public my sex life, my love life, my finances, my childcare choices, my drug user status, my everything and then they take it all away if they don’t like the choices I’ve made and the way I live my life.

All of these judgement and choices made from up high, someone with so much money they would never know what it’s like to have student loans hanging over their heads, much less have to even take out student loans. Say I should save before I go to school, because that’s the responsible thing to do. So I’m stuck in poverty, never allowed to learn anything, never allowed to do anything, always stuck in their rules and more and more rules and less and less money. Until we all just die off, or are too weak to fight back.

I don’t like this anyway. I don’t like this society, the way it’s set up. I don’t like the class system, the financial system, I don’t like being lied to and punished for things that are not wrong. I quit society. I quit.

4 comments on “If you tell me I can’t do my job, you can’t complain that I’m on welfare

  1. Omay Farlane
    June 4, 2013

    Right said!

  2. alpin50
    June 5, 2013

    You are right about imposition of religion on non religious people. Your way of life is yours to choose.

  3. Tiredfrog
    June 19, 2013

    Legalizing sex workers would be the quickest way to deal with all of those ways in which society looks down on the women involved. It would drastically reduce the abuse of the women, the assaults, the trafficking, the women on welfare and on and on and on….. When are we going to become civilized and stop trying to legislate morals?

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