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I’m just astounded when people are so blind to their own hypocrisy.  The law in California (where I am a resident) that was easily passed because it was sold as an anti-trafficking law, puts women who are sex workers (under prostitution charges) in prison on trafficking charges. So that means, if you are one of those women who is ACTUALLY trafficked for sex work (although I hesitate even using that term in this instance) you can go to jail for trafficking.  Does this make sense?  Doesn’t to me.  It makes me think that when I’m accused of being uncaring about victims of sex trafficking (there must be a better word/term for that when you are forced into it) that maybe they are just fucking insane because putting a victim of trafficking in prison actually seems like the uncaring thing to do.  

Every single person that I have ever worked with, and ever single organization that I have worked with or for, is explicitly against sex trafficking and specifically the organizations that fight for sex worker rights are ALWAYS against trafficking.  The sew worker organizations are not only against trafficking, they are fighting for the rights of the women who are trafficked.  They are not fighting to put them in jail like these anti-sex work people are, they are fighting to give them safety, and rights!  We are all fighting or our rights.  This is not us versus them.  It is a bullshit argument to say that legalizing sex work makes more trafficking happen.  That is just obviously untrue.  It is so obvious to me it makes me furious to even have to point out how obvious that is.  How on earth can legalizing something make the demand for an illegal version of that thing rise?  It doesn’t.  It never ever does.  The only argument I can see is that the cost might be cheaper.  But the men that I see, would never go to support someone who is trafficking women.  The men who want to come see me, want to come see me because I like what I am doing, and I chose to do this.  

If there is a market for trafficked humans, we need to address that, but it is not related to legalization or decriminalization.  To address it as a problem that we are creating, is actually a much larger problem.  That is in fact the uncaring thing that is being done, not me fighting for the right to safety and respect.  My fight for my rights, is not a fucking fight for human trafficking and to say so is unbelievably ignorant and harmful to actual victims and survivors.  

I am furious that people, every single day, tell sex workers that they are uncaring when most of us are actively fighting for the end of trafficking and for our own livelihoods and our lives.  I am furious at the utter hatred spewed at me and my fellow sex workers and then WE are called uncaring?!!  Excuse me but who is trying to get who arrested/raped/killed by making my job more dangerous, more taboo, more illegal?  AND I’M UNCARING?  Yes I’m fucking furious that people are claiming to be feminists and then literally putting women’s lives in danger.  

Why are women trafficked?  Isn’t that a better source of how to stop it than to blame the fact that some people actually like to have sex?  People who just want to have sex don’t go to trafficked girls/women.  How insulting is this, not only to sex workers, but also to our clients who apparently are as uncaring and as evil as we are?  Because according to the anti-sex work crowd all of our clients are these mystical abusers who don’t care whose hole their fucking.  Well I can tell you that is not true.  I can tell you that sex workers and our clients, are fucking great people!  

If you look at almost any sex worker rights webpage, you will see anti-trafficking messages.  You will see where you can find help and you will see people supporting other people so that we can end trafficking.  

I’m shaking with rage because I know attitudes like this get women killed.  Raped.  Trafficked.  It’s this bullshit idea that because you shout over us you are right.  How dare you pretend to care when you fight to punish.  How dare you tell me I don’t care when you know nothing about me and do nothing but spout lies at me.  How fucking dare you.  

If you care about women, try respect one sometime.  






[small note.   I use victims/survivors because not all people identify as one or the other.]

[another small note.  I mean men and women when I say sex workers.  Women are more trafficked than men, which is why I say women or girl more often]

2 comments on “END TRAFFICKING NOW!!

  1. barriorojoblog
    June 9, 2013

    I want both to answer u why the anti-traffick laws are so hipocrit in appearance and to traslate this post into spanish in my blog. My explanation will be both on spanish and english. I will write about it in about 1 week.

    Do I have ur authorization?

    • respectsexwork
      June 11, 2013

      Yes you have my permission. Please let me know who is doing the translation if you can.

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