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A makeover too far.

everyday whorephobia

This appeared on my timeline this evening, courtesy of @sexworkstigma

“Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover” Is Back, And More Hooker-y Than Ever: WATCH

Michelle Visage is back with a brand new episode of “Michelle Visage’s Hooker Makeover,” the only style show that takes ladies off the mean LA streets and turns them into, well, hookers. So to speak.

So watch above as this week’s style star Leah gets out the girls, gets some new hair and gets her Beyonce on. And, we’re pretty sure, getting herself a man with this new look.

Miss Visage, and Morgan McMichaels, are changing lives we tell you!

Yes, thats right a show that takes “nice” “normal” women and dresses them up as hookers! How do “hookers” dress according to the life changing Michelle Visage and Morgan McMichaels? A page with more information about the show tells you


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