Personal and Professional Stories of A Working Human

Sex Work and Punishment

No not the sexy kind.  The painful personal kind.  

Not until I recently was given a job offer, for an actual office job, was I aware of how relieved I was to have a decent paying job that doesn’t mean I can be blackmailed, arrested or have any risk to my family.  Do you know what sucks about that?  I love my job as a sex worker.  I absolutely love how I feel since I started doing sex work again and how I’ve been able to heal wounds and make friendships.  

I love having a job I can tell people about, but I wish I could tell people about my sex work.  

But because I’m trying to be more positive, I’m going to use this positively to make myself more available as an advocate because if I am not doing anything legally risky, I can be more public and outspoken.  Not that I’ve given up all sex work, just my favorite kind.  I am still attempting this phone sex operator thing.  And I hope to be able to do some cam work at some point.  I mean one of the reasons I love sex work is it’s an outlet for my naughty dirty fucked up hyper sexual self.  Without that I internalize it and that’s quite messy.  I love my naughty self.  I love being able to express that for others to enjoy, it makes me so happy and so hot.  

This is good or me.  Sex work is good for me and good for people like me.  We are healthier and happier. 

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