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More Harm Than Good

The Honest Courtesan

No people do so much harm as those who go about doing good.
–  Mandell Creighton

I’ve often written about how important allies are in the struggle for sex worker rights; it’s why I call for them to speak out every Friday the 13th.  One of the reasons is that we’re an awfully small minority, and another is that we need third parties to fend off the inevitable circumstance ad hominem accusations:

…we’re often accused of distorting facts to make ourselves look good, and no matter how assiduously we work to present a balanced view this is a natural and credible accusation against anyone who advocates for some issue which directly concerns her.  That’s why allies are so important; it’s much harder for the prohibitionists to shout down people who don’t have a dog in the fight, but merely support prostitutes’ rights on moral grounds.


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