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…. the police

It’s not just the police though.  It’s everyone who is talking about the undercover sting of sex workers as if it’s a tragedy these women were sex workers and it’s heroic the cops were able to save them.  Saying things like “oh I remember when she used to work [this straight job], poor girl to have been so desperate as to do this”  or “I went to high school with [one of the women] she used to be so smart and had everything going for her.”  So that doesn’t help.  They have killed these women off from social society and now talk about them in past tense as if they don’t exist anymore.  As if sex work means you are lost to the world so we must refer to you as if you are dead.

The police trolling sex work sites to bust two women, and there are plenty of women on the local sites so why were these two targeted?  Seems a little bit like a waste of time and money.  There is plenty of crime it’s not like they really needed to go look for something to do with their time.  This area with less than 40,000 people in the surrounding 20 towns/cities has a higher crime rate than any city I’ve lived in with 5 times as many people.  Violent crime.  And they go after women making money by selling sex?  How does that help anyone?

Well, I’m scared.  I must admit.  There is always that paranoia, but when you know they are actively targeting sex workers and trying to get them to commit a crime so they can arrest them.  That’s when you start getting the real fear.  Not like I don’t already have to deal with this sort of shit all the time, thanks for the added stress.  Some of us just need to put ourselves through school.  Some of us just need to survive.  All of us are just working a job.

2 comments on “…. the police

  1. barriorojoblog
    August 18, 2013

    Where there are criminals, prostitutes are prosecuted as u describe.

    Arrest of prostitutes “help” the own criminals because they can blackmail them to get huge profits. It’s crude and simple.

    • respectsexwork
      August 18, 2013

      That’s very true. Like the drug war. If we ended the drug war the police would lose funding, etc.

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