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I wish sex work was legal and other hopes for the future

I want, more than almost anything, to live in a place where sex work is legal.  I get off on it, I get a rush from it.  I enjoy it.  It makes me feel good and it pays my bills.  If you said that about any other job people would be jealous.  If you heard a race-car driver saying that you’d think, hey that person has an awesome job.  

So what’s different for us?  The sex thing really does come down to people’s hang ups, which do come from religious ideas but shouldn’t be confused with being religion exclusive.  Plenty of non-religious people and plenty of atheists have sexual hang ups. 

Sex in my mind is something to have fun with.  There is the appropriate age to have sex, and that comes from physical and mental maturity, but we should still start teaching everyone about sex and sexual respect as soon as they want to know. 

I want everyone to have access to this information, the information about how to have sex safely, but also have fun sex!  Safe sex isn’t always about condoms, although that is an extremely important aspect.  It’s also about how, and when to have sex with someone when you decide not to use condoms.  People learn the basics, or nothing.  They are never taught the full story and that is such a shame because it would prevent a lot of suffering.  Teach respect, teach about condoms, teach about other contraception, teach about sexual pleasure, and teach about rape.  Teach people about rape.  Not just that it exists, but how they can learn to respect one another.  Teach about consent.  I never ever heard about consent, as a movement, until recently.  Why not?  Consent is amazing.  You can still have rough bruising bondage dirty whatever play, it’s just with consent.  Consent doesn’t mean you don’t get to have what you like.  Why don’t we teach about consent in Sex Ed?!  

I want to live somewhere that I can work as an Escort and never ever have to worry about police stings, or not being able to call for help when I need it.  I want to live somewhere that I can work and know that my ex can’t get automatic custody of my child simply because of how I make my money.  Do you know that is my biggest fear?  Even where it is legal, the stigma still ruins us because we know it has power over us, even where it’s legal.  

I want to be an Escort, I want to be sex therapist, I want to be a pro-domme.  I want to do this, and I don’t want to be afraid of someone finding out.  I’m not ashamed of my work at all.  I love my work, I value  my work.  I want to be able to tell people what I do and why I do it and why it matters.  

I want people to stop asking me if I would be ok with my child being a sex worker, always with that assumption that I’m somehow ashamed of what I do, or that I think it’s immoral or bad in some way.  I would be happy with whatever my child wants to do.  That will be her life and I have no problem with her being a sex worker.  It’s a non-issue to me.  I don’t get freaked out about the idea of my child having sex when she’s ready.  I don’t obsess over her virginity.  I want a world for her where she can do whatever she wants without this judgement.  That’s what I work for.  Not just for her but for everyone who works now, and who will work in the future, as sex workers. 

One comment on “I wish sex work was legal and other hopes for the future

  1. writingthebody
    August 19, 2013

    Goodness me, you sound wonderful. I agree with you on all of this. Legalise it, professionalise it, and respect it. Absolutely agree.

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