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#Slanegirl and the shaming of female sexual desire.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

So if you have been on twitter this morning you have probably spotted and maybe even clicked on the slanegirl tag. For those not on twitter 24/7 a girl at Slane Festival didn’t just enjoy Eminem but gave at least two men blow jobs, and was photographed doing it. As is the way with such things the photographs have gone viral.

Now, as with all ethical bloggers I have to declare an interest here. I love giving blow jobs. I would struggle far more with never giving a blow job again than with never receiving oral sex myself.  I was lucky enough to go to a club with a glory hole once and had an exceptionally memorable night. Being unable to see the person attached to the cock, sucking one after another, revelling in it. If any objectification was going on, I was giving far more than I was receiving.

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