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I’m a real boy!

Sometimes I feel like every person I pass, on the internet or in my everyday life, I have to shout at them to recognize that I’m capable of making my own choices.  

I am actually here, I’m actually sitting here, standing here, I actually exist and I have a brain and I can make decisions for myself and I’m an adult and everything!!!  I seriously get sick of having to point out that sex workers, and people paying for sex, don’t need to have their decisions made for them.  Like we can actually think and make our own decisions so fuck off with your laws ok?  Yeah thanks.  

Every day.  Every g-d damn day I have to read someone saying “they’d rather be doing something else,” “they are lost,” “they need help.”  The newest and sort of annoyingly subtle (to some people) laws that pretend to care about us are these nordic model laws where they make paying for sex illegal and supposedly the sex workers aren’t?  Except for that if someone buying your service is illegal than your job is in fact illegal, whether you get put in jail or not.  No you aren’t being nice to us by doing this.  Not at fucking all.  So they pretend to care about us by actually forcing us into worse situations.  This reminds me of sooo many times that the church has tried to “help” young women.  But the most annoying bit of all of this is that they converse about us, make decisions about us, without talking TO us.  They talk about us as if we don’t even exist as human beings.  They talk about people who buy sex as if they are all criminals, and they talk about us as if we are all victims.  

It gets on my nerves.  I’ll keep doing it, but it gets on my nerves that I have to point out that I can speak for myself.  In fact, most adults can speak for themselves but for some reason certain people have decided that we aren’t allowed to.  Sexuality is dangerous, and selling it is even more so.  I don’t know why but it scares people.  I have a theory that the fear is about letting the people who aren’t typically rich, white, cis, men, have power.  Sex can be powerful.  Making money can be powerful, or at least gives you more power in our world.  So having sex, for money, can scare some people.

So basically, let us speak for ourselves and fuck off with your discriminatory laws.  

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