Personal and Professional Stories of A Working Human

The things we do for love

Not for romantic love.  Not for the hetero relationship I’m supposed to have with the husband I sort of have, that will please mine and his parents.  No, not that kind.  My love is for activism.  Specifically sex work activism.  Is that surprising?  I haven’t spent much time on the computer recently because I have to do things that involve my full attention, but I’m still here.  The things that excite me and drive me are all in my activism.  My love is for the sex workers, the outspoken clients, the advocates of sex workers.  I love the people who speak up for other people who have no voice, but not to speak over them, to speak for or with them.  I do not wish to ever speak for anyone but myself, but I hope to be able to amplify others’ voices.  

OK, that’s my quick little emotional update.

I love you all!!!

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