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This is what’s wrong with the sex work conversation

“Why would you choose to do sex work when so many people are forced into it?  Underage kids, and women who are sex slaves?”

“I don’t know, why do you garden when people are trafficked to countries to do field work for little or no money, including children and women who are slaves?”  

Because they are different fucking things all together. 

The majority of people who are trafficked are trafficked for labor and not “sex” (in my estimation rape because forced sex is not sex but is in fact rape).  That doesn’t mean I want to end gardening, or end food production or end sewing or end crafts in general.  It means I want to fucking end trafficking and slavery.  What’s the fucking disconnect here?  I don’t know.  I know that part of it is the taboo that is SEX.  S.E.X.  Oh my goodness how dare people not find it this haunting secret that no one must know properly about.  How dare people pay for it and enjoy it and do it even if they don’t enjoy it all the time!!!  How fucking dare they have sexual autonomy and financial security, or any sort of income at all really for the majority who aren’t raking in thousands or millions.  How dare anyone get rich off sex.  How dare anyone pay their bills from sex.  How dare the!!!  


How dare they?  Well actually I’ve had sex with quite a few people, for free, when I didn’t charge.  But no one’s calling me out on that.  Well not as many people anyway.  The supposed “feminists” aren’t calling me out for having sex with whoever I wish when I don’t charge.  It has something to do with this idea that sex is … I don’t even know.  It’s like unattainable.  We are supposed to use sex to get shit, but we aren’t supposed to charge?  I’m so confused by all of this bullshit at this point that it just doesn’t even make sense anymore.  I can be a slut; slut shaming is bad but sex work isn’t ok?  What the fuck?!  

Some people shouldn’t do sex work.  I shouldn’t run a gun range.  I shouldn’t be a pharmaceutical drug rep.  There are just some people who don’t fit into certain jobs.  I can’t be a psychologist because I tend to get too emotionally involved with other people’s problems.  Therefore I literally cannot handle being a therapist.  That doesn’t make therapy evil does it?  Should we outlaw venting your emotions because I might be suckered into becoming a therapist against my will?

Trafficking is not the same thing.  It’s simple.  Trafficking bad, trafficking is mostly for labor.  “Sex” Trafficking bad.  Prostitution, sex work, hooking, brothels, paying for sex, stripping, oral sex, anal sex, etc, none of these things should be illegal.  Trafficking should be illegal.  See the difference here?  I’m sure you probably do.  Because they are different things.  And trafficking should be ended.  

So when you go any use the money that people donate to you (as an organization or the government – although donate isn’t the right word for taxes) to shut down strip clubs, arrest sex workers who work the street or in their own homes or brothels or whatever.  You are basically saying that me having consensual sex, or doing any consensual sexual acts, is the same as someone who’s kidnapped or sold into slavery and possibly raped repeatedly, often abused in other ways and forced to work for little to no money and for long hours with little rest and little care.  When you spend the money to shut down consenting adults sexual activities, you are saying that those people are less important than creating a stigma about sex work.  They are less important to you (you – the organization or government who practices laws like condoms as evidence or denying strip clubs liquor licenses) than taking away my income and my health and my life and my freedom and safety.  

Imagine if this money went towards actually helping to stop trafficking.  Imagine the fucking resources this country, all countries where sex work is illegal, would have to actually catch traffickers and give victims/survivors the help they wants.  Not the help you think they need, the help that they say they need or the help that will help them.  Not the pockets of anti-sex worker organizations.  

And guess what…if sex work was legalized, this would actually curb a lot of “sex” trafficking.  

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