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Principle, practice and ‘not all men’

One comment on “Principle, practice and ‘not all men’

  1. georgefinnegan
    May 27, 2014

    You made an excellent point – everyone should recognize in themselves that they might be a rapist when the conditions arise. If we don’t acknowledge that, then we won’t put any effort into correcting ourselves and we won’t take responsibility for controlling ourselves. That, of course, goes for everyone – including women. I think the best way to fix the issue is education in consent. I saw an excellent youtube video where a very likeable woman demonstrated what consent should look like and how it can change to not consent and what that looks like. Getting more of that out there could be helpful. I also think we should back off a little from promoting the idea that sex is something that everyone NEEDS and because it is a NEED, we have to have it at whatever cost.

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