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Repeating myself, but I just don’t get bigots.

Doesn’t it strike most people as strange that the country that we live in (if you live in the US) makes things illegal, or refused to make things legal, that pose no threat on others?  What’s the point of this?  Isn’t it absolutely transparent?  I mean clearly there is no reason to have something like marijuana be illegal.  And even more so when it comes to being other than straight.  How come I can’t marry my fucking girlfriend and my boyfriend?  Why does it matter if we all get stoned, married and fuck for pay?  What in the hell does this have to do with anyone else and why are any of these things illegal?  Yes, religion.  Yes it is mostly based on religion.  But there are non religious people who buy these puritanical ideas as well.  There are atheists (many many many, actually) who refused to see the sexism in our society and the racist surrounding them.  I think these are based on archaic religious ideas, but at this point it’s really not fair to point the finger purely at religion.  Religion doesn’t turn assholes nice or nice people into assholes on it’s own.  As I said, there are plenty of asshole atheists.  It’s the society we’ve set up in these old crusty ideals that is the problem.  

I have a very difficult time understanding these things because I don’t believe in making laws that cause people harm or prevent people from doing things based on their sexual nature or race or wanting to smoke weed or whatever.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand how people can believe the utter bullshit that they believe that allows them to vote for these absurd laws.  How can making it illegal to marry someone because you are gay, trans, queer, how can that be ok with anyone?  I am terrible in these conversations because I just have very little understanding of this type of ignorance, or not even understanding but maybe patience is a better word.  I don’t get it.  

I’m 100% (time a million) in favour of reclaiming/claiming an ACTUAL and strict as fuck separation of church and state.  Hobby Lobby wouldn’t be allowed to do that shit.  Marriage would be legal for everyone.  Especially, and this is important for any religious person who isn’t Christian, these laws are all based on Christian ideals, never any other religion.  But I just don’t think there is a place for laws based on religion, however good the religion is, because we are a mix of people and religions and non-religions and as a society, our laws should reflect protecting and supporting, not punishing and fake moralities. 

2 comments on “Repeating myself, but I just don’t get bigots.

  1. David Dowdy
    July 5, 2014

    I agree completely. I’d like to add that intolerant, agressive views are literally built into the bible, and that I’m proud to be an atheist.

  2. georgefinnegan
    August 26, 2014

    I don’t think sexual repression has as much to do with religion as many people believe. Religion doesn’t form in a vacuum – people produce it. It’s a reflection of our being human. I believe the core reason for religious regulation over sex is to prevent rape. There was a time in our history where men took whoever they wanted – women, girls or boys – when they wanted. It only depended on physical size and little was done about it. The drive for ‘pure’ girls was to provide an incentive in society to prevent rape and religion became a way to give the needed regulation to try to support that. With time, things continued on this path of rape prevention and people who may have been sexually abused came into power and made rules they thought would have protected themselves. The result: more and varied inhibitions and after years people came to see it as a normal, good thing because the overall effect was more peace in the world. Although religion has been the source of regulation of sex, it arose out of a humanistic need to prevent people from being harmed.

    Now you come along in your time period and see that, although no rape is acceptable, there are fewer and you think you have control over your sexuality, so we don’t need the inhibitions anymore. But, guess what? Inhibitions keep people from thinking that raping women and children is OK. That’s how it became instilled in our society – inhibitions. So, religion and inhibitions aren’t always bad.

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