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Sex workers and drug users/ illegal

There is a lot of crime where I live, it is very economically depressed and there is just a ton of meth about.  It seems ridiculous to me that marijuana is illegal.  Just as it seems ridiculous to me that sex work is illegal.  I won’t get heavy into my ideas about all drugs but, I support a basic decriminalization of drugs, at the very least, and full legalization of marijuana and anything else that does have actual medical uses that’s not dangerous or easy to overdose on.  

The crime around here is usually caused by meth addicts.  I’m not saying this to judge, I honestly don’t think it’s fair to treat someone like shit for an addiction, but I am trying to point out the absurdity of marijuana being illegal when it’s not actually causing the majority of the crime, and people using marijuana, are not causing violent crime.  If I were of the belief that the police were here to protect people, I would think this seems like an incredible waste of resources, to have police arresting marijuana users.  I do live in Northern California, so yes there are cartels who do cause violence and have created incredible farming issues along with pollution and poisoning, which is actually even worse because it is illegal.  If this thing, this plant, were legal, would cartels being growing it and using pesticides that soak into the ground water and rat poisons that have killed countless dogs and other animals?  Would there even be an underground market for it in the united states?  No.  There wouldn’t be.  There wouldn’t be people with machine guns and poisons and violence that had anything to do with marijuana.  

So think about trafficking.  Think about sex.  Sex is like a plant.  It’s natural, almost everyone can do it.  It can be healing, it can be helpful and it is basically none of the laws business who does it, how they do it, or if someone is paid for it.  Except that it is.  It is the laws business because they made it their business.  Guess how much money anti-trafficking gets from the government?  How much of that is raised specifically for sex-trafficking?  It’s a lot.  The drug war, makes shit loads of money for a lot of people, just like the anti-sex trafficking organizations, forces, etc.  

Now, as with every blog post, I’ll have to put the disclaimer that of course I’m anti-trafficking.  I’m anti human trafficking for any reason.  Of course I’m anti trafficking humans for rape just as I am anti-rape.  

“Sex-trafficking” which supposedly is this gigantic issue, is not actually going to be stopped by creating worse working environments for sex workers.  Clear as day, this seems to me, yet people still argue against legalizing or even basic decriminalization of most types of sex work.  Sex worker rights are labor rights, human rights, women’s rights.  The battle is difficult because it is an issue that we are fighting from many sides.  We are fighting against sexists, and it’s an issue that were are fighting against feminists.  Good people, trying to do good things, often get caught up in the fight against sex workers rights because they think that this image they have in their head of the trafficked woman, or coerced woman, or just plain unintelligent woman, is too scared or stupid to know any different or to get out of it.  This image that sex workers don’t have other talents completely detracts from the idea that sex is normal and should be had and really shouldn’t even be questioned.  Sex has been incredibly therapeutic for me, and it can be for others, and when it’s not, and it’s just fun or just whatever, still shouldn’t be illegal.  Shouldn’t even be touched by laws.  Sex work is just work.  If putting genitals, or the word sex into the equation means that it’s somehow not work, or not good or not ethical, automatically, then we really need to address our issues with sex.  But it’s not really about that wholly.  Because some sex work isn’t illegal.  It’s about the image of a prostitute.  It’s about the image we have of a hooker.  

I didn’t write this to rag on drug users.  I’m not going to pretend like I don’t see the issues here where I live, but I also don’t blame people for their addictions.  My point is basically the absurdity of pot being illegal when meth is a problem that causes actual crime.  That isn’t to say meth should be illegal, I think it would most likely decrease crime if they didn’t feel the need to support addictions.  If they were supported rather than punished.

The things that are actually bad that people say sex work makes worse, they are already illegal.  So when people say we must make sex work more illegal to protect trafficking victims, it’s absurd because trafficking is incredibly incredibly illegal (and should be) and making sex work illegal and then lumping trafficking victims in with all sex workers, ONLY PUNISHES THE VICTIMS.  How on earth does this help them at all?  

This is why I am so angry.  This is so simple so clear and so obvious.  So I feel like people who are genuinely good people who buy into this anti-sex worker rights bullshit, are skipping over some serious critical thinking to come to the conclusions that they seem to that involve further criminalization.  

So what am I going to do about it?  I’m going to talk about my own experiences as much as possible, to at least give my own perspective on my own life.  I have and will end up repeating myself.  But hopefully if I say it from the heart every time, maybe one way that it’s said will make more sense and change someone’s mind.  If I keep saying it over and over but in different ways that make sense to me, hopefully it’ll reach other people as well.  

I am no expert on anything but my own experiences.  But I am grateful that I can at least share that.  

One comment on “Sex workers and drug users/ illegal

  1. David hocking
    August 10, 2014


    Love yr words.

    I drove for an escort agency years ago and i agree with yr sentiments.

    Keep it up.


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