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Happy New Year!

I know how hopeless it is for most people to make new years resolutions, however I believe in setting an intention for the new year.  In fact I enjoy setting an intention every day that I think of it.

So my intention for this year, and in fact for this very day, is to be more positive and more active in my activism.  I won’t kick myself if I fail at this some of the time.  Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes bad shit happens and we need to process it and feel like shit or feel sad or whatever, but then we get back up and fight even harder.  Sometimes fighting harder involves relaxing and learning to take self care so that we don’t burn ourselves out, and we are able to continue the fight more regularly.  Of course I’m speaking of the fight for sex workers rights, and I have other things that I work for, that I’ll fight for.  j

I want to be more involved in programs, organizations, organization, conventions, my blog, my personal work, my health, and I want to try to do it from a place of positivity and a place of strength.

One comment on “Happy New Year!

  1. ♀ Paradise Kendra ♀
    January 14, 2015

    I sure hope you leave this blog up because what you were doing was so daring, different, and inspiring! However, I completely am for you choosing this year to be less about fighting and more towards relaxing/helping others empower. I feel the same way.

    My hats off to you! I’m so glad our paths have crossed via blogs and I wish you a wonderful start to 2015! 🎉🎉🎉


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