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Assumptions and bullshit

No one can know why an entire group of people (even if they aren’t a group but are lumped together because of our ideas about labeling people) does something, because everyone has different reasons.  Different motivations.  Now, when I talk, I try to talk about me.  From my point of view.  If I talk about others, I talk about what I have heard others say, I try to not make things up about other people.  Now, I think this is a good thing.  I’m often astounded by people who are angry that someone, who they do not know, is doing something that they assume to be wrong, even though they don’t know their motivation.  Obviously some stuff is just wrong.  Some stuff just really you have to say no.  But there is always motivation.

I’m being vague, I know.  But basically, don’t make assumptions about why other people do things, especially when they aren’t hurting anyone, and then lump them in with everyone who really is doing something in a disrespectful way.

Don’t make assumptions.  I want this to be something that people actually practice, not just say.

Why I do sex work, and how I enjoy sex work, and all of that.  That is me.  That is mine.  I will not every say that someone else does what they do for a reason I do what I do.  That would be bullshit.  I also dislike when people tell me that I can’t say what I want to say.  There’s one thing for pointing out if it’s hurtful or inaccurate, especially when I’m using generalizing terms (or if i use an offensive term, and I don’t mean to ever) then obviously I need to hear that.  But when people tell me not to say something because…some bullshit reason.  Basically people do this to me a lot.  “Oh don’t say that, you are saying ____” which I’m either not, or it’s my opinion fuck off.  People really like to do this to women in general.  Tell us what we are saying.  It’s annoying.  Or tell us not to say what we are saying.

I’m super tired so sorry if that was wicked random.

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    February 18, 2015

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