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Finishing up school

I have been working my ass off (no pun intended) to finish up school, and to pay for school and housing (etc.) so I’ve been so busy.  I have a few things coming up, but so much stuff is up in the air.  It’s super exciting but also a lot is very stressful and I need to get it all done before this fall for the program I’m looking at going into.  If that works out I should have enough time to actually spend more time being all about the sex work talk, which is one of my major passions.  If it doesn’t work out, other things will, and I’ll come around to this focus again to be more regular soon.  Either way.

2 comments on “Finishing up school

  1. Congratulations on all the dedication and perseverance!!! I wish you luck in finishing school 🎉🏆🌹👏🏻🎈 and being able to take a little breather with some pride and accomplishment!

    Rock it! 💋

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