Personal and Professional Stories of A Working Human

Sex workers are people

I have been through good times and bad times as a sex worker.  I have been through self realization moments where I realized I was worth something.  Where I realized I was actually helping people by fucking them and interacting with them.  Then I’ve also been through times where I felt disgusting.  I felt used.  I felt horrible.  This isn’t only in sex work, but the idea of being used and all the other guilt shit is definitely pushed to sex workers.  So while I may have felt less in control and I was payed much worse at my video counter job, I didn’t have that social stigma telling me I was a sick fuck.  But while I made more money and was actually usually happy with my work, when I had bad days I felt so much worse about myself because I had been told I was disgusting.

So who tells sex workers they are disgusting?  Hollywood.  The rescue industry.  Religious assholes.  Guess what.  I am religious.  But I don’t go around telling people that they are disgusting because they practice their beliefs differently than my own.  Because I believe, even religiously, that that is wrong. I think that everyone knows the basics of right from wrong.  Sex, is never a part of that.  True consensual sex, is never wrong.  Lying, is wrong.  Harming someone, is wrong.  Rape, is wrong.  true consensual sex, is not wrong.

I love my sexuality and I love my super sexual self.  I am, to my very core, a super sexual person.  I literally want to fuck everyone I admire, and fuck everyone I love.  I don’t know if people want to label me as some sort of freak, but this is me.  I know me.  I am sexual.  I love sex and I love people and I love fucking people I love.  I also am ok with fucking people I don’t love, for money.  I am a super sexual, or hypersexual person.  This to me is my life.  I don’t think this is bad or good, it’s just me.  It isn’t from childhood sexual abuse, it isn’t from anything I can pinpoint, I am just sexual and I don’t think this is bad.

SO.  Some religious views obviously make this “bad” “good” bullshit, where my sexuality, especially me being hypersexual and non-monogomous is a super bad thing.  I don’t get it.  I am me.  I enjoy this.  I am not hurting anyone and I am having fun in the process.   Yes even the bad fucks, even the people I have nothing in common with or the people I find boring, I enjoy the experience most of the time.  Isn’t this good?  Shouldn’t me enjoying my life, enjoying my work, enjoying my interactions, isn’t this essentially, a good thing?  I like figuring people out.  I like making them comfortable, making them feel special.  I don’t get why this would be a bad thing, and yet…

So, I just want to say, I think I can be a solid, good, amazing, part of society, and not be a problem.  Why try and criminalize me and people like me?  Please don’t.  Please just let us get on with our day, as we do with yours.  This is what I want to do.  I don’t want saving, I don’t want lectures, I just want to work.  I want to live.  That is all.

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