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Every time I turn around

I find that the laws that are put forward to “protect sex workers” are some of the most awful laws in existence.  Do you know what sex workers need.  No protection, but rights.  What makes sex work so dangerous?  Well first of all it’s often overblown as to how dangerous it is.  But more importantly, it’s actually the legal status that makes it more dangerous.  Stigma, added to making it difficult to report assaults, plus pushing people into back allies, etc.  That’s what makes it dangerous.  I have so many friends who post these ridiculous lies about sex work and what will “save” us on the internet and it hurts.  But what can I do?  I’m just an actual sex worker.  Don’t listen to me.  Listen to the anti-sex mob.  The women who think all sex is rape and all prostitution is rape.  But…heaven forbid, what if someone doesn’t have a moral, religious, or any other objection to selling sex?  So what, we ignore people of other religions?  We completely ignore that not all people feel this way about sex?  Or even the sale of sex?  Yeah.  Apparently we do.  Which is sad because it harms sex workers and the victims of trafficking that are actual victims.  Survivors.  Yet how can you be a survivor when a whole anti-sex work industry has put you under the light of being a victim of our evil plot.  Pimp lobbies and whatever bullshit they come up with.  These savior industries don’t give a fuck about trafficked people.  They only care about shaming sex workers.  They care about using our statistics to bolster their statistics to create an income out of lies.

I repeat this over and over again.  Let us save the real victims, and leave the workers to work.  The real victims are survivors of amazing hardships.  They deserve love and help.  But to couple them with honest hard-working people just to rid yourselves of your religious guilt or whatever other bullshit justification you’ve come up with is cruel.

I don’t get it.  I was raised to love and care about other beings.  I was also raised with the knowledge that others practice differently than I do.  And that is lovely and should be respected.  So why must others decide that my practice is worthless.  That I have no voice because you simply won’t hear it.  Guess what.  I do repeat myself often, and that’s because I know I need to be heard in order to help others.

2 comments on “Every time I turn around

  1. Stene Anker
    August 25, 2015

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  2. ♀ Paradise Kendra ♀
    November 26, 2015

    I am completely with you. It drives me crazy when “feminists” victimize sex workers, connecting a sex-worker to every puritanical stigma, and then they pretend they are pro-woman and open-minded.

    How many feminist organizations repeatedly tie the word “HIV” to sex working, demeaning women, men, and completely missing the point of sex between two people as a defense for their own fears and prejudices?

    “If she has a lot of sex, she will unavoidably become a diseased whore.” *sighs* Really? How offensive and inappropriate can people be?

    We’re the only species that connects sex to “guilt” and the degradation of woman so effortlessly — especially if a sex worker enjoys her work or feels like she’s actually helping people.

    Wildcats mate 150 times in a row with multiple partners in order to get pregnant, and yet if a human woman does anything approaching this, she’s a victim of circumstance and weakness. *eye roll*

    The world will get better when women stop needing to defend their sexuality. When women no longer need religious or medical justifications for their passion, we can finally go back to the core of sexuality — connection with another being — and lust can come out of the darkness and shall cease to be taboo.

    I hope I’m there to see this beautiful day.

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