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I regret reporting my rape

Do you know what happens when you report a rape?  I’ll tell you my story.  Since that’s the one I know best.  This is a very short and edited version … Continue reading

February 26, 2014 · 4 Comments

Hi. I’ve been raped.

Think about this.  I’m a sex worker.  I’ve been raped.  Does that bring you to laughter?  Is it funny that I was raped when I wasn’t a sex worker?  Or … Continue reading

July 21, 2013 · 4 Comments

Trigger Warning: This isn’t a revenge fantasy

I first off think this is a terrible idea, and it will probably never happen.  But I’m not going to pretend like I don’t have these thoughts in my head. … Continue reading

June 7, 2013 · 6 Comments

…Or how I learned to love my rape fantasies.

I could be wrong really but I see pervert as a negative word, saying there is something wrong with someone.  But I don’t think there is anything wrong with people’s … Continue reading

April 14, 2013 · 3 Comments

Decriminalize and Stop Telling Me I Should Hate Myself and My Clientele

Who do you think are the type of people who see sex workers.  If you watch television, maybe you think serial killers.  Or maybe you think dirty perverts, or some … Continue reading

March 30, 2013 · Leave a comment

Prosecuting rape

The horror stories I have heard from women who have had to speak with the police about being raped are enough to make anyone see why it’s hard to report … Continue reading

March 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

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